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Maphanga Mitchell Associates (MMA) is a multi-disciplinary practice working in a number of development fields. From our original operation as a Quantity Surveying practice we have expanded our core skills to embrace Construction Cost Management and Contract Advice, Project Management, Environmental Assessment and Management, and Property Valuation. Alternative Dispute Resolution is also practiced.
This broadening of our core business has been a response to the changing nature of the construction and development sector. We see further changes and will be suitably adapting our operations.

Where Maphanga Mitchell Associates (MMA) is referenced, this to be read equally as predecessors in title, namely Lang Binney Associates (LBA) and Lang Mitchell Associates (LMA)

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There are a number of precepts that we strive to work by:

Shared Experience

Every project is unique. Experiences from previous projects should be informing subsequent projects. This sharing of experience should be occurring within our own office and be extended to project design and contracting teams.

Continuity and quality control

All projects are overseen by the Directors who exercise quality control. Every Project is “shadowed” by a staff member to ensure continuity of corporate knowledge. We stress the importance of “sanity checks” whereby data and information is checked against broader metrics.


We are continually looking for new and appropriate approaches to our work and our relationships with Clients and fellow construction professionals.

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