Many projects do not decide because the initial ideas do not read it in the planning stage. MMA has been involved in a number of projects where an initial business venture has been developed.

An example was a proposed dairy for which MMA prepared a complete business plan including feedlots and the dairy development which necessitated research into dairy herd management.

Recently MMA has been involved in the planning of a mixed use development in an urban area.

MMA is involved at the outset of a project where our primary task is to establish with the Client the full intent of the proposed project. From then a program and timetable can be developed for the progression of a project – including the employment of appropriate specialist personnel. In addition MMA act as an interface with statutory planning and regulatory authorities.
MMA investigates project costs and returns for commercial and social projects. Advice is given to client on the project cost risks and benefits.
A crucial service is the planning of consultants works and ensuring that performance is achieved and that consultants are providing the expected value.

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